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American Horror Story: Asylum – Episode 2.13 – "Madness Ends"

On its own, “Madness Ends” is a great episode of television, but as a conclusion to American Horror Story‘s second volume, I’m not sure it really gives a proper ending to anyone, aside from Lana.  The series’ anthological structure allows it to kill off most of its primary characters 2 or 3 episodes before the […]

American Horror Story: Asylum – Episode 2.12 – "Continuum"

Umm…                       ???

1st Annual Filmiest Awards – Nominations

I hereby present the 1st Annual Filmiest Awards, otherwise known as my own personal awards for the year 2012. This has been a banner year for film, which made this list of nominations very difficult to make.  Nevertheless, here are my nominations in 16 categories:   BEST ORIGINAL SONG “Big Machine” from Safety Not Guaranteed […]

Zero Dark Thirty (Bigelow, 2012)

     Whenever I would see a great movie back in the day, I would embarrassingly gush, throwing around words like “masterpiece” and “one of the best films ever!”  This hyperbolic tendency has deteriorated over the years as my knowledge of film and its process has increased.  Other films that have come out this year, […]

Amour (Haneke, 2012)

         I’ll admit, I had never seen a Michael Haneke film before Amour, but I immediately understood the heaps of praise that’s been loaded upon the Austrian director’s latest film when the credits started to roll.  Amour, literally “Love” in French, is an unflinching examination of what it means to carry out the […]

American Horror Story: Asylum – Episode 2.11 – "Spilt Milk"

     At this point in the second season of American Horror Story, half of the principal cast is dead, people we thought were dead are coming back to life, everyone has seen their life threatened on many occasions, there are babies being born left and right, and that’s not even scratching the surface: aliens […]

30 Rock – Episode 7.09 – "Game Over"

       It’s beginning to feel like the end, folks. 30 Rock is a show that has never truly felt a dry spell in its seven seasons, which is a remarkable feat for any show spanning that long.  Sure, the ratings have gone down significantly since Tina Fey’s red-hot year in 2008 when she […]