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Film Canon: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

       If you’ve seen the new banner I’ve uploaded, you’ll notice a plethora of television series and movies.  They are quite simply my favorite films and shows of all time, those that have a special place in my heart and those that represent the best of the best in either medium.  I will […]

House of Cards – Episode 1.06 – "Chapter 6"      I don’t know how it happens but it seems that whenever I complain about one aspect of House of Cards in a review, the problem is fixed in the next episode.  Such is the case with “Chapter 6”, which sees Frank stumble for the first time since the series began.  Squaring off […]

House of Cards – Episode 1.05 – "Chapter 5" This has turned into quite a ridiculous show.  That was my main thought as the credits rolled at the end of “Chapter 5”, an episode that featured a comically early-2000’s-style “chill” office, a group of protestors standing outside a fundraiser for the sole reason that there are Congressmen in attendance and an absurdly over-the-top […]

House of Cards – Episode 1.04 – "Chapter 4"

courtesy of  I think I have to readjust my expectations for this show.  Thus far in the series we’ve seen the moral complexities of Frank, Claire, Zoe and Peter and how each of their lives is marred by self-interested ambition, regardless of those around them.  In “Chapter 4” we  see each of these characters […]

Survivor – Episode 26.05 – "Persona Non Grata"

courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS        I usually don’t review episodes of reality television, but the latest episode of Survivor has brought up a discussion that needs to happen.  In its 26th season, Survivor has once again brought back returning players under the pretense of giving the public what they want.  It worked last season […]