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Mad Men – Episode 6.08 – "The Crash"

Cutler (Harry Hamlin) and Stan (Jay R. Ferguson) race through the office           Jordin Althaus/AMC      Every season of Mad Men, there is an episode that diverges from the show’s usual traditional, slow-burn storytelling.  These episodes are usually experimental in ways that feel innovative, such as “The Suitcase” from season […]

Game of Thrones – Episode 3.08 – "Second Sons"

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) weds Sansa (Sophie Turner)                                                                         HBO      One of the biggest problems facing Game of Thrones has […]

Star Trek Into Darkness (Abrams, 2013)

 At some point in the first third of the new Star Trek film, Simon Pegg’s character Scotty asks, “I thought we were explorers?” He is confused by Captain Kirk’s sudden interest in becoming the archetypical action hero, saving the day by killing the enemy. Pegg’s interview with online entertainment publication io9 reveals why he asked […]

Mad Men – Episode 6.07 – "Man With a Plan"

Michael Yarish/AMC      Ah, the big merger episode.  The aftermath of last episode’s impromptu merge between SCDP and CGC has resulted in an episode that almost feels like the start of yet another new show.  At the same time, though, characters repeat their histories in such a way that shows how very few of […]

Game of Thrones – Episode 3.07 – "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

HBO      “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” is another episode features such a high number of storylines that its focus is very scattershot.  Covering nine separate storylines, this episode serves as a transition point from where the characters were to where the characters need to be.  Despite a relative lack of action, many […]

The Great Gatsby (Luhrmann, 2013)

     With some directors, it’s difficult to do a review without devoting paragraphs to how their style contributed to the quality of the film.  They are often well-known or well-regarded directors, such as Tim Burton or Quentin Tarantino, whose films you can look at and immediately know it’s one of theirs.  Baz Luhrmann is […]

Mad Men – Episode 6.06 – "For Immediate Release"

Michael Yarish/AMC      Holy cow.  For those complaining about a lack of plot developments thus far in the season, this episode more than makes up for this season’s slower-than-usual pace.  Matthew Weiner wrote this one alone, and it almost feels like a response to fan complaints, despite the episode being written before the airing […]