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My name is Kevin Jacobsen, a movie and TV fanatic. Both are huge parts of my life that I invest hours of my days consuming and studying.  I’ve also been following both the Academy Awards and the Emmy Awards since 2006.  Though I don’t always agree with their choices, they are often the pinnacle of the respective movie or television season for me.
My blog is dedicated to movie and TV reviews with a focus on awards potential. With each movie or TV show I see, I give my thoughts on the quality of the work and assign it a letter grade, A through F.  Some of my posts are exclusively about the Oscars or the Emmys, analyzing different categories in the interest of predicting a winner.
I was born and raised in Tolland, Connecticut.  I graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a second major in English.  I’m currently working for online entertainment news site enstarz.com.  I would like to pursue a career as a movie and television critic so anyone reading this who could help make this happen for me on a professional level would have my eternal gratitude! Feel free to contact me at filmiest01@gmail.com. My Twitter handle is @Kevin_Jacobsen. Be sure to like the Filmiest page on Facebook.
I hope you enjoy your stay at Filmiest.

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